find cheap ASP web hosting ASP web hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for ASP, or Active Server Page.

ASP new technology is recently used by companies in creating a customized solution for their ASP web hosting services

However, it is now superseded with the newest Windows based technology ASP.NET.

By definition, this technology is for web page development which uses ActiveX scripts that could either be VB or Jscript coding and can be identified by its code extension .ASP.

An ASP is an HTML page that includes one or more scripts (small embedded programs) processed on the Microsoft Web server before the page is sent back to the user.

ASP is alike CGI program which can be executed as part of a web server process, only that in ASP, usual tools can still be worked on by programmers of Visual Basic.

Since the server-side script is just building a regular HTML page, it can be delivered to almost any browser.

In ASP, web page’s objects can be linked and displayed as per user selection with the data that was accessed from the database or from ASP logic code.

Windows based There are some companies who provide support for Windows based web development using ASP. This web hosting solution has developed sites in a data-driven way.