How to Change Desktop Shortcut icons in Windows 10/

replace icon images in laptop

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Today, in this video I will explained step by step in detail

How to Change Desktop Shortcut icon images in your computer & laptop

You can have your own family member’s image

Your favorite sports players, any movie stars, politicians, any images that you can think of

So, watch this video to the end to get all   step by step in detail

in order to replace icon images, I will need to convert images

that I want to replace to .ico format

Any image Convert to .ICO format can be done online or offline

There are some websites available online to convert image to .ICO for free

Also, it can be done on MS Paint that available on window 10 & mostly earlier version of window

Let’s get started with online first

First, I am going to create a folder just for ICO images

Then I will add my desired images that I want to replace

So, I don’t need to look for images everywhere



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Convert PNG to ICO:

Website Convert Icon ~

Remove Background:

For Icon, image should be .PNG format with no background

Icon looks better without background

But JPEG also works

background for image can be remove

using photoshop, Gimp or some other software

also, there are some websites available online

that remove background for image for free

I will go through later & I will show you

At this time, I am going online site to convert image to ICO Format

So, I will go to

Upload Image, Select style (Optional)

For Best result select 256 x 256 option

Click to convert ICO

Then download ICO file in to your computer

You can change icon images for any files, any programs, any folders, and any apps shortcut

I am going to replace icon image for

Right click, select property, click shortcut on top,

click change ICON

Mostly there are some preset icon also available

But I have already downloaded some images that I like

So, I am going Click on Browse, then selecting Image that I want to replace for icon

Click ok, Apply, OK

Shortcut icon image has been changed,

Please keep in Mind that,

Any image has been used for ICON that file need to keep as it is in your computer

Do not delete that file,

If you want to use same icon image on Taskbar

First unpin from taskbar if it is already there then right click on icon & select pin to task bar

Window 10 has some pre designed images for most programs

If you want to change icon images for those program

Right click on desktop, click personalize

Select theme, scroll down & select desktop icon setting

Select the icon that you want change image, then click on change Icon

Select the image that available or browse for more from your computer

Select image for icon, click open then OK

Right here you can notice that icon image has been changed

Remove background for any image, go to

Upload any image that you want to remove background,

That’s it, done, download your image

So, that’s it for this tutorial, if you have any question, please ask in comments below

I will do my best to response as soon as possible

Thank you for watching