How to Drag files in Windows 11 Pro 2021/How to Fix Dragging file option in Window 11 Updates

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In latest Window 11 Updates lots of good features added and some best features are missing.

Most PC or Laptop users have lots of questions, asking and searching for answers as below.

How to Drag files in Windows 11 Pro, drag images to software in new window updates windows 11

Drag and Drop image Not Working on Windows 11 update 2021, Drag and Drop image Issue

how to enabled drag images to software in new window updates windows 11

Why Taskbar Drag and Drop Not Working in Windows 11?

finally, Window 11 is here.

Today’s world Most internet users using Windows for many years.

New Windows 11 updates brings a fresh new design,

visual changes throughout the interface,

and widgets for more glanceable news,

Weather Reports and other handy information.

If you are using PC or Laptop & Using lots of Drag & Drop Option,

With Latest Windows 11 Updates, you can’t Drag and Drop files throughout the Taskbar

Microsoft has been removed this feature, and hopefully, this issue will be fixed in next Windows 11 update.

Of course, Windows 11 is definitely better than windows 10 With so many best & Useful Features added.

But some good features have been removed by Microsoft, one of the best is Drag and Drop option in Task bar is not working in Windows 11

Why Microsoft have removed this feature?

Microsoft forgot about this best option?

Who Knows? That’s only Microsoft Knows.

But don’t worry!

Today In This video I will show you How to Enable Drag & Drop option throughout the Taskbar in Windows 11

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I will go through step by step in detail That How we can solve this issue,

So, please watch the video to the end to get best result

So, Let’s get started

First Press Window + R in your keyboard

Or Right Click on the Window LOGO than click RUN

In the Box TYPE regedit than click OK


Click on Software

Then Look for Microsoft

Then click On Window

after click on Window

click on Current Version

then click on Shell

then click on Update

Click Update to expand

Then click on Package

you will see Default

Right click on Default

than Select DWORD (32-bit) Value

click on DWORD (32-bit) Value

Rename it to UndockingDisabled

After Renaming it double click on UndockingDisabled

Then change Value Data to 1

Then Click OK

than close the Window

now you can restart Your PC or Laptop

And check that Drag and Drop option in Task bar works or not, it supposes to work but some PC or Laptop It may not work because it will depend on firewall & security setting of PC or Laptop.

If this trick does not work than you can try with this alternative method

Minimize folder option to drag and drop files in Windows 11 Pro.

First Minimize the folder then Drag the file.

Another way just opens the folder Then hover over & select to Open 2 window

One for software & one for folder that has Image or another file that you want to use

Now you can drag file very easily as usual.

Microsoft has removed this feature, Hopefully, this issue will be fixed in the next update of Window 11.

Please keep an eye on for my future video of next update of Microsoft Window 11.

However, if you have small PC Monitor OR Small Laptop this option will be very difficult to manage.

So, I have found another way that may be work for some PC or Laptop Users