How to get Free organic Traffic with Google Question Hub 2021/content marketing forum

Google question Hub is a new tool that organized by Google that has just become available to United States.

Google question Hub Allows user to find unanswered, questions that this platform needs the answer,

this is a very powerful tool because it allows user to create the answers to those questions with link of user’s website so that user’s web site can get RANK higher and start getting Free traffic for those queries.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through Most topics that you need to know about the Google question Hub,

This is an amazing opportunity for all online marketers to get free organic web traffic & Leads,

In order to sign up with Google question Hub,

You required a Gmail and Google search console account,

If you do not have Gmail and Google search console account than you need to sign up first before you sign up with Google question Hub,

I have recently uploaded those 2 videos on Gmail and Google search console account,

You will find a link in description below,

Sign up with Gmail


Sign-Up With

Google search console account

First you need to sign up, Google question Hub

Go to Google question Hub page with my provided link

Sign up with Google question Hub

As soon as you come on this page, you can read about all benefit you will get on this platform,

Click here to sign up,

Check your email & click on Allow,

This tool only allow Google search console verified websites,

So, make sure all your websites that you want to use has been Verified by Google search console,

Otherwise, you will not be able to select any site,

All the Website list will be displayed here,

Pick the website that you would like to use, you can add as many websites as you can.

then select a Language & country,

Then if you want an email update and Feedback opportunity,

Check this box, Otherwise, its optional,

Click get started and now you are in Google question Hub,

You can explore or select specific categories for your question,

Then select any subject to find question,

Sometime you will not find the question in that you are interested,

But you got the question added to your list,

You can view all your question by clicking DONE Button,

Then you will see list of Question,

So, if you have answer then you can select a question by clicking the box,

Then select the answer button,

Then you just past an URL (Where your answer is located) in the box and hit the answer,

That’s it you just submit an answer,

You can repeat this as many times you want & get completely free traffic to your website

That’s Really it for This Video And thank you for watching.