How to track website visitor/Statcounter Plugin/free WordPress plugin for Statistics
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In this video today I will explain How to Add Statcounter Statistics to Your Website?
Statcounter is a free WordPress plugin that can be used for tracking your website visitors
Who visiting your website?
Where they came from? Any website? What location?
What browser they using, What IP Address of your visitor
What page they landing & what page they exit from your site?
How long they stay on your site? And so on, using this free Statcounter Plugin you can track Activity for your site
Like what your most like on your site, & what to improve on your site, even you can track if you have any Broken link on your site
This plugin must have if you have any active website online
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How to add a Stat Counter plugin with hit counter to your website? StatCounter provides you with a free hit counter and tracking.