What is a Lead Magnet? Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples

What is a Lead Magnet? Our Lead Magnet Tutorial will give you ideas and examples that you can apply towards your own business. If you are trying to grow an audience, a lead magnet and a strategy to drive leads is absolutely vital. Here at Surfside PPC, our lead magnet is a free eBook directly on our homepage. Because we have the free eBook on our page and an Autoresponder through MailChimp, we have been able to drive over 1,000 subscribers without any paid promotion at all. Our strategy that is lacking is the overall selling of the lead magnet throughout our YouTube channel and website.

How To Drive More Leads:
Lead Magnet Ideas:
Lead Magnet Definition – A Lead Magnet is any incentive that a company makes to a potential consumer in exchange for personal information like a name and an email address.

What is a Lead Magnet? Lead magnets are generally a downloadable asset like an eBook, Whitepaper, Guide, Tutorial, Checklist, Infographic, and more. They are effective if they are related to the products and/or services you are selling.

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Lead Magnet Ideas – If you are looking for ideas for your next lead magnet, see what your competitors are offering to potential leads. Some popular options include a video series, eBook, Checklist, and a quick guide. The main recommendation to help drive leads is to overdeliver.

Lead Magnet MailChimp – I personally use MailChimp for my Autoresponder service for a Lead Magnet. When someone enters their Name and Email address on my website, they will automatically be added to my list and I will send them my eBook automatically as well.

Lead Magnet Funnel – Funnels are popular when it comes to lead magnets. You can start by offering value on your website, then promote your lead magnet, nurture the leads on your email list, and promote a premium product to earn a sale. There are tons of things you can offer for your funnel.

Creating Lead Magnets – You can create a Lead Magnet using a program like Microsoft Word and exporting it as a PDF. PDFs are perfect because they can be used for any type of downloadable digital assets.