What is a Nameserver?

A nameserver is an internet server that points your domain to a hosting provider, and an important component of DNS records.

Nameservers are part of DNS, which stands for “Domain Name System.

Whenever you use default nameservers of domain registrar (which boast 99.99% uptime), you can enjoy free DNS management services for added convenience.

Whenever you use another hosting provider’s nameservers, you’ll need to set up DNS records with that company.

Why Are Nameservers Important?

If you’re trying to point your domain name to your web hosting, you’ve probably come across the term nameserver. So, what is a nameserver?

Nameservers help connect URLs with the IP address of web servers.

Nameservers are an important part of the Domain Name System (DNS), which many people call the “phone book of the Internet”.

When to update a Nameserver

Whenever you are using a hosting provider outside of default nameservers of domain registrar, most domain registrar recommend switching to our hosting for a more convenient website management experience. Whenever not, you can use our nameservers to point to any hosting provider.

Only change your nameservers Whenever instructed to do so by your hosting provider, since changing your nameservers can result in up to 24 hours of downtime.

Whenever you do set up new nameservers, make sure to get rid of the old ones.

Whenever you forget, and have two sets of nameservers active, your domain will resolve inconsistently.