It’s fairy to say that Oh Fatima is the finest collaboration in cricketer-turned-rapper’s short music career so far.

Arko Pravo Mukherjee with Chris Gayle in Oh Fatima single

By Mayur Lookhar

Cricket and entertainment are two biggest passions in India. Their collaboration though isn’t a guaranteed success. Indian cricketers will testify. The Indian Premier League has ushered in a popularity for international cricketers that they will never find their own country. Players from the West Indies are arguably the most adored lot. That is due to their power hitting but also their jovial attitude.  The Caribbean likes to enjoy life every moment. Former West Indies openers Chris Gayle is undoubtedly the greatest T20 batter to have played the game.  He is equally loved for his carefree, party attitude.

Caribbean and music go hand-in-hand. Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo are West Indies players who haven’t shied away from expressing their love for music. Former great Curtly Ambrose, too, is part of a Caribbean band. Bravo produced a chartbuster in Champion. Chris Gayle has taken to music since the pandemic. At a time when the message was social distancing and staying home, Gayle took that opportunity to unveil few party tracks – We Come Out to Party, Jamaica to India, and Punjabi Daddy.

Each of these tracks have their flavour, but as Gayle himself said at the press conference yesterday [22 May], he rates his latest single Oh Fatima – a duet with Indian singer-composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee, as the best.  We’re in sync with him too.

For the first time, here is a track featuring Gayle that is consistent in its music, lyrics and the singing.  Gayle naturally sticks to his [rap] roots. It’s Arko, though, who experiments both in his music and singing.  Gayle opens the track before Arko takes over.  The music is a fine fusion of desi and Jamaican music with a tiny tinge of Middle Eastern influence too. After all, the song is shot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hook line of Oh Fatima is a chorus by Arko and Gayle.  The lyrics [by Arko] are fairly simple but some of the words in the hook line require undivided attention.

It is not a vintage party track, but a smooth groovy number. One doesn’t know about the connoisseurs in Jamaica, but Oh Fatima is a sure shot hit with desis.  Gayle has named himself as the Universe Boss.  The vintage Gayle swag, style, and fine company is what makes the man so popular in the world. This single is befitting to Gayle’s Universe Boss image. Arko and his producers haven’t let the opportunity slip taking a detour of Dubai, shooting across multiple locations, both on land and the sea.

Just let your footloose and join Gayle, Arko in crooning Oh Fatima. Watch the song below.

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