Find local business on any category with Business Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Website

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In this video Today I am going to scrape & collect Data entry include

Business Name

Phone Numbers &

Website Address for Local Businesses with using Yellow Pages website




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This will be a very easy process

to get leads for any business on any category

Because I am going to use one the most popular & FREE Google extension

I will include all links & detail to get all required tools in description below

So, please watch the video to the end to get all step by step details

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First, I am Creating A folder in my computer


then creating another SUB folder with name of the category or niche

That I am going to collect all data

For example, ELECTRICIAN

This is because later on if I create so many NICHE

Then it will easily to find from my computer any niche that I want to use

Next, I am opening google chrome browser

Click to open small squire icon to open chrome store

Searching for “Instant Data Scraper”

adding to chrome Browser, it has been added on my chrome Browser

Then I am opening

(Instant Data Scraper only works on chrome browser)

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