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created our Online Business Guide, which has the tools and resources you need as you adapt to new ways of doing business online.

Facebook team show you how you can:

Help people find and discover your services online.

Build meaningful client relationships.

Drive interest in upcoming appointments or events.

The guide is free and includes recommendations that are personalized for your Facebook Pages that you can manage.

See what steps you can take today to accelerate your business online.

Build your business online.

Connect with customers even if they can’t visit you in person. From selling products to hosting events and services, Facebook can help you get discovered, reach your community, and help clients gain interest in your products, services or next event.

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what do you need help with?

 Sell products online

 Sell services online

Showcase your business online and get paid.

Your Page is your free website that can help you stay connected, delight clients, and get paid for your services. Follow the stages below to start earning money online.


Set up your free website to start attracting clients

Follow the steps below to help your services get discovered by the 1.78B people who access Facebook every day1.

Create a Page blue chevron

Complete your Page or Instagram

Set how you’d like clients

Build your audience with Page

hair day business page card


Use free tools to showcase your services online

Showcase your events and services online to connect with new and existing clients virtually using free tools from Facebook.

Create a post on your Page

Have clients call or message your business with a single button, or send them to sign up for your services and events on your website.

Creating your first post? Here are a few tips:

Write short text that gets straight to the point.

Include photos or videos to help grab attention.

Post regularly to stay connected and build a following. Schedule a go lives video

  • Share
  • Manage client
  • go live


Earn money by hosting experiences online

Get clients to pay you for your online experiences by launching ads that can help them make appointments on your Page, website, or through Messenger.

Host and promote online

Attract new clients

Get clients to message

host paid online events

51% of businesses report increasing online interactions with their clients.

36% of personal businesses that use online tools report that they are conducting all their sales online.

35% of businesses that have changed operations have expanded the use of digital payments.

From Facebook’s State of Small Business Report, May 2020.

you need to think about what your clients and customers need during this time, and how can you pivot your business to align in this changing market.

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