Eid, the festive season that typically ushers in joy, celebration, and blockbuster movies in Bollywood, is around the corner. However, this year’s Eid releases, “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” and “Maidaan,” are experiencing a lukewarm response in advance bookings, hinting at a potentially subdued Eid at the box office.

Originally slated for release on April 10, 2024, both “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” (BMCM) and “Maidaan” will now hit screens on Thursday, April 11, with paid previews on the 10th. 

“BMCM” despite a full-fledged promotional campaign, including weird marketing strategies, the film’s trailer and overall buzz have been met with mixed reviews. This lukewarm reception has translated into poor advance booking trends, signaling challenges for the film’s opening day.

The film, boasting a substantial budget, is in dire need of a strong opening to avoid negative perceptions that could hinder its long-term success. The correlation between a film’s content quality and its box office performance is evident, as audience expectations align with the promise of engaging storytelling and compelling performances.

“Maidaan,” on the other hand, carries a smaller budget and a different set of expectations. Despite lower buzz compared to BMCM, the film benefits from Ajay Devgn’s recent success with “Shaitaan,” which continues to perform well in theaters. However, even for “Maidaan,” the advance booking figures have not met optimistic projections.

The underwhelming response in advance bookings raises concerns for exhibitors and stakeholders, as Eid typically brings robust footfalls and revenue spikes. The anticipation of a lackluster Eid day has prompted industry watchers to speculate on the factors contributing to this subdued outlook.

While detailed advance booking reports will provide a clearer picture, the current trend underscores the pivotal role of content quality in driving audience interest and box office success. Eid releases are often expected to deliver entertainment extravaganzas, and any deviation from this narrative can impact audience engagement and ticket sales.

As the industry waits for the final verdict post-release, the fate of these Eid releases hangs in the balance. Will BMCM and Maidaan defy expectations and emerge as box office winners, or will they struggle to leave a lasting impression amidst competitive cinematic offerings? Only time and audience reactions will reveal the true narrative of this Eid season for Bollywood.

Please note: We will provide you with a detailed Advance Booking Report on both films in separate articles soon.

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