Citing his medical condition, Jariwala’s lawyer rubbished the victim’s allegation of the actor impregnating her. The Kolkata-based victim, though, has dismissed the same and claimed that in 2022, Jariwala’s current partner got impregnated through IVF but suffered a miscarriage.

Darshan Jariwala

By Mayur Lookhar

Early this week, Bad Boy [2023] actor Darshan Jariwala had to resign from all positions that he held at CINTAA [Cine & TV Artistes’ Association] following the serious allegation against him. In December 2023, a Kolkata-based scribe had accused Jariwala of raping and impregnating her on the promise of marriage. An FIR has been filed in a Kolkata police station against the actor under Section 376 (rape). 377 (carnal intercourse), and 417 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code.

Following his resignation, Jariwala has refuted all allegations and even threatened to file a defamation suit against the Kolkata-based media professional. Jariwala’s lawyer Saveena Bedi Sachar has rubbished the pregnancy charge saying that her client is medically unfit to become a father.

“Darshan says he has a medical issue. He cannot become a father. His own partner is finding it difficult to conceive. He and his partner have been trying to conceive so hard, but they aren’t able to because of his medical condition,” Sachar told Times now Digital /Telly Talk.

Speaking to Beyond Bollywood, the victim has dismissed it as a feeble excuse. “Not being medically fit at becoming a father doesn’t imply that a person is incapable of raping or having sexual intercourse” said the journalist.

She went on to add that Jariwala is lying and that she has evidence to prove it.

“I have his [pelvic] USG report for February 2023. He used to consult me for all his medical conditions and homeopathy medicines. I have his entire medical file with me. His lawyer talking about this medical condition is all untrue,” alleged the victim.

Jariwala’s lawyer has raised questions on the authenticity of the report. The journalist, though, questioned that if Jariwala is medically unfit, then how come his current partner got impregnated earlier?

“I know for a fact that Darshan and his current partner Anahita [Jahanbaksh Italia] have made attempts to become parents. Darshan had said that Anahita wanted his child in exchange of his release from their relationship. Around June 2022, she got pregnant through IVF.  However, she suffered a miscarriage. They’ve made attempts before, and twice she had to abort, due to her own medical condition,” the victim claimed.

“He has a biological daughter with now separated wife Apara Mehta – Khushali Jariwala, who is incidentally three months older to me,” she added.

The aggrieved woman also informed that thus far she hasn’t received any defamation notice from Jariwala.

Over the course of the last two months, the victim has narrated her ordeal through a series of posts on social media.  She had reached out to CINTAA to share her serious grievances with Jariwala. CINTAA was initially reluctant as the victim isn’t part of the film industry. However, once they learnt more of the serious accusations, with the victim sharing more details, CINTAA asked Jariwala to step down.

After an initial challenge, the victim has been appreciative of CINTAA, in particular senior Vice President Deepak Qazir Kejriwal. She even made a sensational claim that an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) by CINTAA will be held on 14 November to discuss the case, and even an alleged Rs5 crore fraud by Jariwala within the association.

“Several members of CINTAA have contacted me saying that at the EGM, they will take a decision on the cancellation of Darshan’s work license and the fraud he allegedly committed within the association. True or false, I don’t know. We will only know on 14 Feb ,” claimed the woman from Kolkata.

On the face of it, it appears that things would become clear in this case, once the victim gives birth to the child. A DNA Test of the child in a year or so after birth should help determine whether Jariwala is the biological father, as claimed by the victim.

The victim emphasized that more than that, she is determined to see Jariwala behind bars.

“I’m neither seeking any compensation nor it is a case of paternity claim. It is about cohabitation by fraud and inducement. He promised my mother that despite the age gap, he wanted me as his wife and would be with me till death. He played with me physically, emotionally, and with my life, at large. I want Jariwala punished for his crimes. I want him behind bars so that he never dares to exploit a woman again,” the victim concluded.

Jariwala is a seasoned actor in Hindi cinema and also a noted name in Gujarati theatre. He has acted in films like Gandhi, My Father [2007], Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani [2009], Bad Boy [2023]. He had married actor Apara Mehta in 1980. The couple separated in 2003.

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