Suchitra Sen Denied Working With Raj Kapoor, After He Sat Near Her Foot, 'Not Liked His Personality'

The cinema of West Bengal has always produced so many legends and one such personality was the iconic actress, Suchitra Sen. Born as Roma Dasgupta on April 6, 1931, in a Bengali Baidya-Brahmin family, she belonged to a normal household. Suchitra’s father, Korunamoy Dasgupta was a headmaster, while her mother, Indira Devi was a homemaker. She was also the granddaughter of the esteemed poet, Rajonikant Sen. Despite coming from a family that never had any direct connection to the film industry, Suchitra went on to dominate Bengali and Hindi cinema.

The icon of Bengali cinema, Suchitra Sen, who ruled the Hindi cinema

Suchitra Sen’s acting career kickstarted when she had made her acting debut in the film, Shesh Kothaay (1952). However, it never got released, and it was Nirmal Dey’s movie, Sharey Chuattor, with which she introduced herself to the world. While her work in Bengali cinema needs no introduction, in Hindi cinema, some of her best works were in the movies, Aandhi, Devdas, Bombai Ka Babu, Mamta, and many more.

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When Suchitra Sen refused to work with Raj Kapoor and revealed the reason behind it

Despite being one of the biggest stars of her era, Suchitra Sen never took her stardom seriously. From keeping a distance from gossip columns to always keeping her personal life guarded against the shutterbugs, she was too humble for the showbiz business. Critics hailed the actress for being choosy when it came to selecting the films, as she needed to believe in the script with all her heart and mind. In her astonishing acting career, she has said ‘No’ to a series of film offers from many A-listed filmmakers and producers, as she never compromised on the quality of her work. One such filmmaker was Raj Kapoor, who approached the Bengali beauty for a role in his film. However, she declined it in split seconds after meeting him.

Raj Kapoor offered a bouquet of roses to Suchitra Sen

In a candid conversation with Amitabha Chowdhury for his book titled, Aamar Bondhu Suchitra Sen, the iconic actress opened up about rejecting a film proposal from the great Raj Kapoor. When the actress was asked to recall the famous incident in detail, Suchitra revealed that Raj Kapoor came to her home with the offer of playing the lead role in his film. Opening up about the thing that upset her, the actress shared how Raj Kapoor stood up from his seat and sat near her foot and offered her a bouquet of roses.

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The gesture irked the actress, and she immediately said ‘No’ to Raj Kapoor. Taking a dig at Raj Kapoor, Suchitra added that she didn’t like the way Raj Kapoor behaved with her and added that she likes men who make sharp and intelligent conversations. Not only this, but Suchitra also clearly stated that she didn’t like Raj Kapoor’s personality and the way he sat near her foot, which doesn’t befit a man. Back in time, when Suchitra denied working with Raj Kapoor over this incident, she received mixed reactions from the Hindi film industry. While some called her ‘arrogant’, most of the people were on Suchitra’s side and respected her decision.

When Suchitra Sen denied working in Satyajit Ray’s film

We already told you that Suchitra Sen rejected a lot of celebrated filmmakers and producers in her career. While you thought Raj Kapoor was the biggest name on that list, you’ll be surprised to know that she was denied a role in Satyajit Ray’s film. Yes! You read it right. The Bengali actress was offered a role in the legendary filmmaker’s film, but she denied it straight-forwardly because Satyajit Ray wanted her to work in her film exclusively, which meant she wasn’t allowed to work in any other film simultaneously. Suchitra didn’t take much time in rejecting Satyajit Ray’s demand for a role in his film. The actress will always be remembered for her personality in real life, as she inspired a lot of actresses to take a stand for their likes and dislikes.

Suchitra Sen’s husband, Dibanath Sen and their daughter, Moon Moon Sen

Talking about her personal life, Suchitra Sen got married to Dibanath Sen in 1947 at the young age of 15 years. Dibanath was the son of the renowned industrialist, Adinath Sen. Even after their marriage, Adinath Sen always encouraged his daughter-in-law to follow her passion for acting, which was quite uncommon at that time. The actress was also backed by her husband, Dibanath, as he invested a lot of money in her many films. The couple welcomed a baby girl in 1954 and named her Moon Moon Sen, who became one of the most notable actresses in India.

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