Sushmita Sen Opens Up About The Minutes, During Her Heart Attack, Thanks Doctors To Keep Her Privacy

Former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen needs no introduction. Winning hearts every time, the diva recently shocked her fans as she updated them about her fatal health crisis after a heart attack. However, she assured them she had recuperated after an angioplasty procedure and thanked everyone for their good wishes and undying love.

Sushmita Sen reflects on her heart attack and reveals more details about her surgery

Taking to her IG handle on March 4, 2023, Sushmita Sen conducted a live video session with her fans, where she conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone wishing her well. She also gave subtle details about her angioplasty and stent placement procedure, carried out by the able doctors at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. She thanked the entire hospital staff for taking utmost care of her at every stage. She then revealed that she had been diagnosed with a major blockage in her main artery, which caused the attack. In her words:

“I survived a very big heart attack with a 95 per cent blockage in the main artery.”

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Sushmita credits hospital staff and doctors for respecting her need for privacy

Well, the news of Sushmita Sen having suffered a heart attack was shocking for everyone, as nearly nobody expected it. However, the credit for keeping such a big news hidden from all was due to the actress and her team of doctors and staff, who honoured her wish for utter privacy. She also thanked her cardiologist for making it a smooth and almost painless procedure. In her words:

“My hats off to you, my only request was that nobody should know that I was admitted and that there was a procedure going on, and they honoured that and kept the privacy all the way until I was discharged.” She also had a message for her ‘favourite cardiologist’, who said she had a big heart, “Thank you for making all of this so painless.”


Sushmita conveys gratitude to her fans and loved ones who wished her the best for her recovery

Sushmita Sen enjoys a massive fan base who shower her with all love and well wishes. As soon as they got the news of her major health issue, they outpoured her with wishes for good health and speedy recovery. In the same live video, the actress also thanked her fans, friends and close family for being by her side no matter what. In her words:

“So many things have happened to so many people in the last month, all we can do is count our blessings… I shouted out that message and love came pouring in, good wishes came pouring in… my life’s greatest learning is generation of goodness and fantastic energy. I love you all for that, so thank you.”

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Sushmita Sen credits her daily fitness routine that saved her from further major health crisis

As she is on her road to recovery, Sushmita also highlighted that it had been a healthy lifestyle and fitness that had saved her from any other major health crisis. She emphasised that it was only because of the active lifestyle that helped her to bounce back from such a major blockage; the former Miss Universe mentioned:

“I know a lot of you will stop going to the gym and say, ‘it did not help her’, but that is not good. It did help me. I survived a very big heart attack. It was massive with a 95 per cent blockage in the main artery. I survived because I have kept an active lifestyle. I believe that for what it is worth, it was a phase and it passed. I am very lucky to be on the other side. It doesn’t put fear in me, instead, I now have a feeling of promise to look forward to something.”

sushmita fitness

We wish Sushmita Sen a speedy recovery!

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