Rohit Shetty doesn’t have a single simple bone in his body. His films are extravagant explosions that aspire for little sense and big business.

Sparing no expense or effort to entertain his audience has reaped in rich dividends for one of the foremost names in Bollywood’s roster of successful directors.

Will Cirkus, his latest, larger-than-life comedy of errors starring Ranveer Singh in a double role, hit the jackpot as well?

We’ll find out soon enough when the movie hits the screens on Friday, December 23.

Meanwhile, Sukanya Verma shows you everything you can expect from the Rohit Shetty brand of film-making.



Crowd Pleaser!

You’ll rarely spot a lonesome figure in his movies.

Rohit Shetty is all for more the merrier and loves to fill his frames with actors as different as cheese and chalk.

Ensemble cast is his thing and if there’s one film he’ll probably never remake is Sunil Dutt’s Yaadein.


Lights, camera, colours! 

The world how Rohit Shetty sees it is, at least, four times brighter and over-saturated than our mortal eyes can handle. There should be special glasses to survive such extreme fluorescent splash.


Over the top action!

Somersaulting vehicles, flying cars, exploding jeeps, actors balancing themselves on bikes and other modes of transport only to leap on to hovering helicopters, these are commonplace sights in a Rohit Shetty creation.


Slapstick humour

Possessed Deepika Padukone, Johnny Lever in Veerappan mode, Abhishek Bachchan’s three mothers, Shreyas Talpade unleashing his inner Nana Patekar, Kunal Kemmu taking a spin inside a washing machine or Irrfan’s Raavan imagery, Rohit Shetty’s gags make their presence felt loud and clear.


Laughing at another’s expense

Lowbrow wit is another favourite of this film-maker. Jokes about disabilities, parodying films that centred around it, homophobic jibes and cross dressing shenanigans find much favour in his brand of entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.


The usual suspects 

Believe it or faint, but Christopher Nolan and Rohit Shetty do have one thing in common. They love to repeat a bunch of actors.

Apart from the most obvious name on the list, Ajay Devgn, you’ll notice the likes of Mukesh Tiwari, Ashwini Kalsikar, Vrajesh Hirjee alongside Sanjay Mishra and Johnny Lever featuring in nearly everything made by the director.


Larger than life

As summarised in my Golmaal Again review, ‘Overkill is Shetty’s thing. The director stuffs the screen with props, people and puerile energy to orchestrate his comedy of crackpots.’

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