For those who think being compared with her iconic mom Sridevi would be a problem for Janhvi Kapoor, here is her rather confident verdict on the topic.

“Why would I want the comparisons to stop? Why would I be offended by being compared with my mom?” Janhvi asks Subhash K Jha.

“I am being compared with the best, so they are holding me to the best possible standards. It’s like reaching to the stars. At least I can aim for the sky. I think I am flattered.”


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Janhvi doesn’t think the comparisons are uncalled for.

“I can’t blame them for their expectations. I am trying hard to live up to them. I may not have the talent or beauty of my mother, but it’s the hard work that is my USP. I know I will get there,” she says.

“Cinema is my life. Acting is the only thing that keeps me going,” she says. “I am not apologetic anymore for where I come from.”

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