IMAGE: Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan greet fans outside their home on Eid, April 11, 2024. Photograph: ANI Photo


Will Salman Khan and his family move out of his residence in Mumbai’s Galaxy Apartments after the firing incident early on Sunday morning?

The family has maintained its composure, but a close friend of Salman’s tells Subhash K Jha that the threat has shaken them.

“Salman would do anything to protect his family. He will do what it takes. Even if it means moving out of his home in Bandra, which he has vowed never to leave,” says the source.

For years, Salman has lived in a one bed room flat in Galaxy Apartments. But he refuses to move to a larger apartment without his parents, Salma and Salim Khan, who live in another flat in Galaxy Apartment.

His father Salim Khan would not hear of it. He is too attached to the apartment where his children grew up.

Salman’s parents keep asking him to move to a bigger home.

Bhai insists on staying with his family. He won’t go anywhere without his parents, and his parents are not willing to budge. Thankfully, Bhai isn’t getting married in the near future. Imagine if his wife had to be accommodated in that small apartment!” the friend exclaims.

ANI Adds:

The All Indian Cine Workers Association has made an urgent appeal to Prime Minister Narendra D Modi and Home Minister Amit A Shah to pay more attention to Khan’s security.

The association sent out a statement, which read: ‘Two individuals fired shots outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s house this morning. Salman Khan is not just known in Bollywood or India; he is recognised worldwide for his contributions. The fact that gunfire is occurring in Mumbai, especially in the city’s most VIP area, raises concerns about the safety of ordinary citizens when Salman Khan himself is not safe. In the current election atmosphere, gangsters are brazenly firing shots.

‘The All Indian Cine Workers Association appeals to Prime Minister Honourable Shri Narendra Modi and Home Minister Honourable Shri Amit Shah to pay more attention to Salman Khan’s security and eliminate the groups responsible for the shooting. This incident has created a climate of fear in the entire Bollywood Film Industry. Gangsters could exploit this fear to extort money from Bollywood, as Salman Khan, often called the Godfather of Bollywood, is being targeted.

‘The All Indian Cine Workers Association stands with actor Salman Khan and his family because Salman Khan is a part of our family (Bollywood). Additionally, the gangster, whoever he may be, aims to make a name for himself by targeting Salman Khan, given Salman’s immense fame. It’s imperative for the authorities to take action against these perpetrators to prevent further incidents of firing, as every life matters, and the entire Bollywood Industry, as well as the Nation, stands firmly with Salman Khan.’

‘Horrific and condemnable. If this can happen with a police van parked outside the Khan residence for protection then it is fair to say that safety is an illusion,’ actress Pooja Bhatt, also a resident of Bandra where Galaxy Apartments is located, tweeted.

‘Need more stringent surveillance in Bandra for certain. Robberies were rife a while ago and now a shoot out? Scary.’

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