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NOTE: Before using method of this video to your PC, laptop or any machine, we recommend that please make a backup of your PC. So, if something goes wrong you can make your Machine same as before.


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Hello & Welcome to my WebJek channel

In this video Today I am going to show you, how we can Speed Up Computer and laptop Performance same as we purchased.

By Deleting & clean up all unused & unnecessary files & folders from Desktop PC & Laptop to Boost best performance.

When we Buy new PC or Laptop it runs smooth & faster, as we add some software add new programs & surf internet, than our computer piled up with some files, folder, cache, & cookie, that slow down our PC & Laptop

So, we need to delete or clean up all those unused & unnecessary files & folders from Desktop PC & Laptop to keep our PC Up to date

So, Let’s get Started

How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance (best settings)

This video shows you, how to speed up any Windows 10 Computer to increase your productivity and for a better gaming experience, this method is free and without using any software.

1 – Power Option

First change Power Option to High Performance

Click on Search > Search for Control panel > Click on Power Option > select > High Performance

That will really boost up your PC or Laptop

2 -Disabled unwanted startup program

As soon as start any PC or Laptop so many software & programs starts in background even if you are not using all those programs frequently, that slow down your PC or Laptop, so it can be disable to improve PC Performance, to do this simply

Press Ctrl + alt + Delete together, that will open a new window for Task manager

Click on > Start Up > on top menu, so you can see so many programs that already running, here you can right click on your mouse and change disable or enable programs

Please do not disable any antivirus, PC Security or any Microsoft Window related Program

After disabling some programs your pc will automatically load faster than before

2A – Clear Start up Services

Another one to Clear startup services

Click on Window icon then click RUN it will open a small window type services.msc then click OK

You will see list of all services; some runs automatically & some manually.

See any one that runs automatically just select & right click to see property and change to manually

Select with very carefully that running automatically that you do not need to run in background

3- System Performance & Visual effects

Search for Search for then find & click on system it will open another window now click on Advance system Setting then find Performance click on setting then Select Adjust for Best Performance > Apply > OK

Control Panel > System > Advanced system Setting > Performance >> setting >> Select Adjust for Best Performance > Apply > OK

4- Defragment & Optimize Drive

Next one is Defragment & Optimize Drive with this it will make your Computer faster

Press Window icon then Select Defragment & Optimize Drive > Select C Drive > Click Optimize

5 – Reduce Run time Service

Right Click on Window icon > type msconfig > Click OK or Enter > click on service on top > check on Hide all Microsoft services > Click OK

6 Delete Temporary Files

Press Window icon + R together > Type %temp% then press enter > Select All file pressing CTRL + A than delete all

7 Press Window icon + R together

Type temp > Enter or OK > Select all CTRL + A > Delete All

8 Press Window icon + R together

Type prefetch > OK or Enter > will get No permission window > continue > select all files > delete

9 Disk Cleanup

My computer > Window C > Property > Disc clean up > Clean Up System Files >

10 – Registry Tweaks

Right click on Window icon > Type regedit > click OK or Enter > click on HKEY CURRENT USER > click on control panel > Click on Mouse folder > click on mouse hour Option > Than Changed to value to 10 than click OK or enter >

11 – Remove all Unused, unwanted program & software

Search for control panel > Click add & remove Program check & delete Unused, unwanted program & software from your PC

12 – Empty Recycle Bin

Every time you use on mouse right click & delete any files & folders that stays in recycle bin, so it is good practice that empty recycle bin frequently by Pressing Recycle bin icon on desktop > select empty recycle bin

Now click on Desktop folder > Scroll down > click on mouse show delay > change to 10 than click OK >

Once all steps are done successfully Then Restart Your PC, once reboot Your computer or laptop you will find excellent different in your computer or a laptop

9 – Visual effect