Windows 10 – How to Reset Windows to Factory Settings

PC Reset/Reset Windows to original Factory Settings/

Some time We need to reset our laptop or pc,

because our PC or laptop get some virus, or some window updates that do no compromise with our PC or laptop

& get problem to run smooth, it that situation resetting PC Or laptop can resolve the issue &

run PC or laptop same as before

New advance setting to reset PC or Laptop without losing any program & software

In this video today I will explain in detail about Resetting Windows to Factory Settings without any software or programs

In Window 10, There are some options available to Reset any laptop or PC by Removing Everything and make laptop or PC same as Factory Settings

Also, have options to Reset any laptop or PC with Keeping all files, folders, programs, software & even Window 10

Or if you Selling or donating PC to someone or may be want to clean up everything from PC to make pc clean same as original Factory Settings

If you Want to get all steps in details then please watch this video to the end