How to change fonts in computer/replace new fonts in laptop/google fonts

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Today, in this video I will explained step by step in detail

How to Change the default fonts in any computer or laptop using Windows 10

Generally, Segoe is the default fonts in Windows 10

That fonts are used for all files, folders, & all programs name

Mostly everywhere in computer or laptop

So, how to change those fonts in computer or laptop?

Watch the video to the end to get all step by step detail

So, first, type Control panel In search box, click on control panel

Click on fonts,

There are so many fonts available here

If you like any font that you want to have on your computer or laptop

Select & Right down the exact name of the font on

Microsoft word to try it out to see how that look?

So, that’s mean try the fonts how that looks & works before you replace it

To replace new fonts in any computer or laptop,

it will be requiring to create .reg file & save on desktop

I have set-up a text file with the code, name (newfonts.txt) to replace new fonts

Also, another text file with the code, name (oldfonts.txt) to revert back to default fonts

In case you want to get back your original fonts

These files that you can download.

I have provided a Link to download for both text file in description below



save those both text file your desktop

click to open newfonts.txt file & paste back on new notepad

replace the name of the fonts that you want to replace

Once you replace the name of the font

rename the file click to as newfonts.reg than select all files

& save on your desktop

Double click on newfonts.reg

new dialog window will open that will ask you

are you sure that you want to continue?

Click YES,

than restart your PC or laptop, you will see new fonts applied to most files & folders

if you don’t like & you want your old fonts back

click to open oldfont.txt copy & paste on new notepad

Save as oldfont.reg select all files & save on desktop

Click on oldfont.reg new dialog window will open

Are you sure you want to continue, click YES,

Now I am going to delete oldfont.txt file

I don’t need it anymore, once I delete txt file,

I got my original Segoe fonts back in to my pc

So, that’s it for this video & thank you for watching my video